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Technology and Love: Is it a match?
Developmental theorists claim that  finding a partner is one of the things we focus most on during young  adulthood. Today, research indicates that more and more individuals are  turning to online dating in the search for love. Do you feel this is an effective way to search for a companion? Why or why not? The article, Five Myths about Online Dating,  briefly addresses some issues that arise with the quest for finding a  partner through the Internet. Support your reasoning with information  from the text, course materials, and the article.
Five Myths about Online Dating –
Discussion Prompt 2
A Creative Life: Is it all about curiosity?
Some psychologists claim that creativity peaks in early adulthood. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyl  is a psychologist who offers strategies for increasing creativity in  one’s life. He claims that creative people regularly experience a state  he calls flow, which is a heightened state of pleasure experienced when  they engage in challenging tasks that absorb their interest. Csikszentmihalyl claims that the first step in achieving a more creative life is through curiosity and interest. Do you agree with Csikszentmihalyl  that curiosity and interest can lead to a more creative life? Do you  think heredity plays any role in creativity? Why or why not? What other  factors may lead to heightened creativity in early adulthood? Support  your reasoning with information from the text and other course  materials.
—-Each response should be 125 words
Why do children tend to have high-pitched voices, and why do males typically have lower voices than females do?
-Response should be at least 4 sentences


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