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THE STUDY examined family supports after the identification of children’s hearing loss. On a questionnaire, 456 respondents rated the importance of different aspects of family support, the quality of supports they experienced, and their preferences about informational resources. They verified the importance of informational resources, social-emotional support, and educational advocacy. Families expressed a preference for discussion with other parents of children with hearing loss over the discussion with parents of children without hearing loss. The quality of support was rated higher by parents of children with cochlear implants than by parents of children with hearing aids. Top-ranked sources of support included individual professionals and service providers, other parents of children with hearing loss, family support organizations, and grandparents and extended family members. Open-ended written responses indicated that parents desired additional opportunities to connect with mentors, role models, and other parents. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]
paraphrase these with APA citations.
Response with 200 words.
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