>Psychology homework help

Paper Mechanics:
*2-3 pages in length.
*Typed, Double-Spaced, 12 pt. Font.
*MLA or APA is fine. Make sure to cite sources in text and with a Reference List at end of paper. (Reference List does not count as a page of the paper.
*We have studied a number of philosophers so far in our course covering a few different topics. For this paper:
*Choose ONE of the philosophers we have looked at so far.
*Research a simple biographical background of that philosopher.
*What was their personal life like? (1 Paragraph)
*What was the social climate they found themselves in? (1 Paragraph)
*What was their philosophy about as a product of personal and social life? (1-2 paragraphs)
*How does the topic we looked at for class, relative to their philosophy, relate to their
personal and social life? (1-2 paragraphs.)
*The Paper is DUE no later than Sunday, October 25th, 12:00 A.M.


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