Psychology homework help

For this assignment, you will be assessed on your understanding of the following course competencies:
Recommend intervention goals based on client preferences, supporting environments, risks, constraints, and social validity.
Communicate in a manner that is scholarly and consistent with expectations for professionals in the field of psychology.
After selecting your case study, you will:
Identify the target behavior in your case study –
7 year old male with Autism Spectrum Disorder; target behavior is screeching (noise) in classroom when asked to do work by teacher.
Define the target behavior in your case study. Your definition must be objective, clear, and discriminative so your instructor can understand what is and what is not an example of the target behavior. Well-written target behavior definitions are necessary to accurately and reliably measure behavior and to aggregate, compare, and interpret data. Well-written definitions are also necessary to guide ongoing program decisions, apply interventions consistently and accurately, and provide accountability.
Explain the social significance of the target behavior.
Define the outcome criteria for changing the behavior in the case study. Outcome criteria should reflect the goal for completion of the intervention. The outcome criteria should be specified before any intervention efforts begin.
How to Organize Your Paper
Use the following subheadings in your paper and format your subheadings in current APA style.
Case Study Description.
Target Behavior Definition.
Social Significance.
Outcome Criteria Definition.
Assignment Requirements
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:
Resources: 3–5 scholarly or professional resources (ABA ONLY)
Length: 5–6 double-spaced pages, excluding title page and list of references.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.
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