Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help.

Complete the Biopsychosocial Assessment form:

  • A description of what you observe about the client
  • A description of the presenting problem
  • History of the problem
  • A mental status examination
  • A description of the client’s social history
  • A description of the client’s health and wellness history
  • A description of the client’s therapeutic/psychiatric services history
  • A description of the client’s family relationship history
  • The client’s strengths
  • The client’s challenges
  • A theoretical case conceptualization in the Discussion/Clinical Formulation section
  • A DSM-5 diagnosis, including a discussion of the DSM-5 symptom checklist used
  • Your form should total a minimum of 700 words.

Research common treatment goals and strategies for the diagnosed disorder that align with the theory used in your case conceptualization.
Complete the Treatment Plan form and Include the following in your Treatment Plan form:

  • A minimum of two target problems
  • Specific, short-term goals for each target problem
  • Objectives for each target problem
  • Strategies/interventions to achieve goals for each target problem
  • A minimum of two academic, peer-reviewed sources to support the goals, objectives, and interventions for each target problem
  • Your form should total a minimum of 350 words.

Format any citations within your Biopsychosocial Assessment and Treatment Plan forms according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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Psychology homework help


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