Psychology homework help

  •  imagine that you are now a professional psychologist, working in the preschool education as an educational psychologist that you aspire to. You are charged with creating professional development for an interdisciplinary team of professionals in your workplace, on how theories, principles, and evidence-based best practices of cognitive and affective psychology can be used to help people in your work context.
  • Introduction: Briefly discuss in very general terms, how the three topics relate to each other and how they can be used to help people in your work context.
  • Topic sections: The briefing paper will have three sections, each dedicated to one of these topics:
    • Problem-Solving and Creativity.
    • Decision Making and Reasoning.
    • Human and Artificial Intelligence.

Within each section:

  • Briefly analyze the origins and evolution of each theory that you will reference in relation to this topic.
  • Explain how theories, principles, and evidence-based best practices related to the topic can be used to explain behavior and help people.
  •  Remember, these factors should be relevant to the context. For each of these:
    • Analyze how, and to what extent, neuroscience can provide explanation of relevant phenomena.
    • Analyze how affective manifestations may impact cognitive performance.
    • Analyze how theories and principles related to at least one of the topics in your paper apply to culturally diverse populations.
    • Explain ethical issues that might arise in connection to at least one of the topics.
      • Cite the APA Code of Ethics, or another code of ethics if it is more relevant to your area.
  • Conclusion: End with a succinct statement that sums up the utility of what you have presented.
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