Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help.  
Which of the following is an example of an open-ended positive question?

  1. A) Did your child have a good day at school?
  2. B) Why did your child come home late from school?
  3. C) Did your child eat lunch today?
  4. D) What happened with your child at school today?

Which is NOT an example of a coercive interaction:

  1. A) “That was a great use of reinforcement, but next time you need to do that immediately.”
  2. B) “You missed giving an open-ended question. Make sure to do that next time.”
  3. C) “I like how you got close and provided empathy. In this next role-play, do all of that and add an open ended question.”
  4. D) “I know how you feel about role-plays. I use to get nervous all the time in class when I had to do a role-play. It gets easier.”

Which of the following is an example of an empathy statement?

  1. A) Seems like you are upset
  2. B) I am sorry you are upset
  3. C) I know you are upset
  4. D) I understand that you are upset

Which skill attempts to effectively establish a behavior analyst’s attention/presence as a generalized conditioned reinforcer?

  1. A) Set Expectations
  2. B) Professionalism
  3. C) Avoid coercion
  4. D) Stay Close

Which skill attempts to establish rule governed behavior for services?

  1. A) Set Expectations
  2. B) Professionalism
  3. C) Avoid Coercion
  4. D) Stay Close

Which is NOT an example of professional behavior by a Behavior Analyst:

  1. A) Using reinforcement
  2. B) Using coercive interactions
  3. C) Using Set Expectations
  4. D) Providing positively phrased feedback

Psychology homework help


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