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Length:         3-5 pages      or           750 words < your paper < 1250 words
Read the interview between Angela Davis and Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson).
Davis and Jackson discuss many topics.
Please make sure to have at least three paragraphs in your essay addressing the following three topics.
Assessing Content of the Article
1) In your opinion, summarize what you think the most important takeaways from this interview are. Use a musical example from class to help illustrate your assessment of what the main points are. Why do think these points are important takeaways?
Re-Imagining Time and Place
2) This interview took place in 1991, almost 30 years ago. Imagine if it were to take place right now in 2020. What questions and topics would you discuss? What if you took the perspective(s) of Angela Davis? Of Ice Cube?
Personal Thoughts and Reflections
3) Any other things about the article that you think are important, stand out to you, and are worth discussing. Use musical examples if and when appropriate.
Please cite quotations from the interview, as well as any outside references to musical examples. Below are links to the Purdue Owl with how to cite various things in MLA style. You do not have to use MLA style. Use whichever citation documentation you are comfortable with (MLA, APA, Chicago, or something else), however, use it accordingly. (If you click on the links below then look to the outline on the left of the page, there are tabs for other citation styles).
Here is the Works Cited entry for the article in MLA style –
Cube, Ice, and Angela Y. Davis. “Nappy happy.” Transition 58 (1992): 174-192.
song playlists
Week 1 Playlists –
YouTube Playlist 1
Spotify Playlist – Classic Funk Breaks
Spotify Playlist – Diggin’ in the Crates
Week 2 Playlists –
Records of 1980
Records of 1981
Records of 1982
Records of 1983
Records of 1984 
Records of 1985
Records of 1986
Janet Jackson Control – 1986
Week 3 Playlists
Week 4 Playlists
1988 – Spotify
1989 – Spotify
1990 – Spotify
1991 – Spotify
1988 – YouTube
1989 – YouTube
1990 – YouTube (looks like this list has had a few deleted)
1991 – YouTube (same here)
Journal Week 5
1992 – Spotify Playlist
1993 – Spotify Playlist
1994 – Spotify Playlist
1992 – YouTube Playlist
1993  – YouTube Playlist
1994 – YouTube Playlist
Journal Week 6
Spotify – Rap, Hip Hop, and Protest
Spotify 1995
YouTube 1995
YouTube 1996
YouTube 1997
More lists from week 7 –
“Underground” – around 2000 – Spotify
Queerness and Hip Hop around 2000 – Spotify
Early Asian Representation in Hip Hop (mostly c. 2000) – Spotify
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