Reading homework help

Reading homework help.

In a 5+ page paper (12-point font, double-spaced) discuss an aspect of musical theater. POSSIBLE topics to consider:

  • Discuss the work of a composer-lyricist (or team). How has their work evolved over time?
  • Discuss the career of a famed Broadway performer. What is/ are their standout role(s)? How did their success affect the other parts of their career?
  • Discuss a Broadway musical and its revival(s). What changed in the revival(s)? What stayed the same? Which do you think was the most “successful” of the productions and why?
  • Analyze 3-5 songs from a musical or a composer/lyricist (or team). What are the most successful aspects of these works and the least? Why?
  • Consider and discuss the issue of race in the history of musical theater. Possible topics could include: how have productions evolved in terms of (a) dealing with issues of race and/or (b) casting people of color? What is “color-blind casting” and is it effective?

Check out this recent article on Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South

  •  Analyze the libretto or book of a musical. How would you critique the lyrics? How would you critique the storyline? Character arcs? Could you suggest any specific changes?
  • Discuss a decade in musical theater history (or a shorter period). Was it a particularly exciting and/or fertile time for new musicals? Why or why not?

Reading homework help


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