Social Science homework help

Fixing problems and making Joe Biden the Presidential Candidate for Democrats for the 2020 elections.
We focus on the point – Making Joe Biden the next democratic candidate for the Presidential elections
With a focus on
He is on a roll- front runner now
Defeating Bernie Sanders
What Super Tuesday has for him and how he should be prepared.
Who will be the Vice President? Should he go for Pete? Or is Mike a better option
Trump called him out for the Ukraine investigation – so we can add a plan about that
And last about his misconduct allegations
We can add how to handle all of it and manage the reputation
point 1. Joe Biden Ukraine problem. (what is happening; trump called out; how to fix it; balabalabal…)
point 2. joe biden sexual misconduct issue.
you are welcome to use other articles too.
due in 50 hrs.


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