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Case Study: Isaiah/Anger Management Services
Jane is a mental health counselor working with adults who have been arrested for domestic battery. She works in a program funded by a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent domestic violence by teaching anger management skills.
Isaiah, a 24-year-old male, has been referred to her for anger management counseling after he was arrested for punching his girlfriend during an argument the previous week. According to the arrest report, Isaiah didn’t think it was wrong to punch his girlfriend because, in his words, “She made me mad.” This is Isaiah’s first arrest. He has been required by the State Attorney to attend eight weeks of counseling in exchange for deferring, and ultimately not filing, criminal charges.
Isaiah is restrained from returning to his girlfriend’s home, and he is currently sleeping on the sofa of a friend. Isaiah must leave his friend’s home and find another place to stay in two weeks. Additionally, he missed two days of work following his arrest and subsequent incarceration and faces suspension from work and loss of pay for one week due to his unexcused absence. If Isaiah is charged with a criminal offense, he will lose his job. Isaiah has never had any counseling and was raised by his mother, who taught him that counseling was “for crazy people.”
Documentation is important in this field. Now that you have completed an interview, it is time to organize your notes. Write a report that you will keep, confidentially, on file that addresses the following items:

  1. Describe Isaiah’s physical, emotional, and monetary needs.
  2. Identify and list all ethical challenges that could arise with this particular case.
  3. Identify three challenges Jane will face while working with Isaiah.
  4. What can Isaiah plausibly expect from Jane and the system?
  5. Evaluate the likely successes and shortcomings of the services provided.
  6. Describe the criteria you use to evaluate successful service delivery.
  7. What specific goals will you help your client establish?

Your report should be 2-3 pages in length

Social Science homework help


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