Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help. Youth and Society in the Developing World
Select one question from the list below.

  1. How useful is the transitional notion of youth? Discuss in the context of the World Development Report (WDR) 2007.


  1. To what extent is a youthful demography an opportunity for socio-economic transformation? Discuss with reference to one developing country.


  1. Is there validity to the claim that the youth bulge – i.e. a predominance of young people in society – increases the likelihood of violent conflict? Discuss with reference to one developing country.


  1. “Civil war is a not a stupid thing”. Discuss why youth participate in armed conflicts with reference to one developing country.


  1. Youth mirror, as are mirrored, by society in developing countries. Discuss using one developing country as a case study.


  1. Conceptions of leadership as “person” and as “position” devalue the role of youth in society. Discuss with reference to one developing context.


Social Science homework help


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