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Follow these directions carefully.
This is based on your own analysis. Write in your own words; if you copy and paste you receive no credit. Write MORE than the minimum, use full sentences, and make sure your information fits the topic (subject, context, etc. review the Intro to Art Presentation Content Folder readings and presentation to ensure this) to receive the point for each section. Choose an artwork from the textbook’s Section 5: Art Through Time to write about in the template. Download the template to write this paper.
You must write in complete sentences and in paragraph format or you will automatically receive a zero. The paper needs to be in MLA format. This paper require research and requires an MLA Works Cited page AND in-text citations. Failure to include an MLA Works Cited page or in-text citations will result in an automatic zero. Using a different format or having major formatting error will dramatically impact your grade. You may use no more than 2-3 sentences as a direct quote – everything else must be in your own words. You must use only legitimate sources in this paper. Wikipedia and blogs are not legitimate sources and using these will make your paper invalid and ungradeable. Try using library databases, legitimate domains like (.edu, .gov, .org, .eu), (inter)national publications/articles, books, youtube video interviews with the artist/expert about the work/movement. You must use a minimum of 3 sources in your paper – INCLUDING the artwork you are writing about. *I explain how to cite the artwork in the MLA Formatting workshop.
Figure: Insert image here
Subject: (3-5 sentences) Literally describe what you see. What is depicted in the work describing details? Be very specific and cover the whole work. Include poses of figures. (1 point)
Style: (3-5 sentences) Describe the identifying appearance of your work including 3 style terms. Be sure to include the period style (example: why does it look modern?) Be sure to use visual/contextual evidence to explain these terms. (1 point)
Formal Analysis: (10-15 sentences) Use art terminology you have learned including formal terms (such as line, shape, scale, etc.). to describe the work. A complete analysis should include a minimum of 4 elements and 4 principles. Explain what the term means and where you see it in your work. Give specific examples, don’t be vague. You must describe how the artwork is balanced and unified and which elements and principles help to do so. Medium: How was the art made? Describe materials and process. (4 points) (Points based on A,B,C,D or F system – A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
Contextual Analysis: (10-15 sentences) How does the artwork fit into the larger world? How do we make sense of it in a bigger picture? If it is a portrait of a real person – who is that person and what is their story? What is happening at the time that has influenced the making of the artwork? Explain what is happening in the artwork: consider social environment of art including: history, politics, religion and cultural beliefs/customs. Why was it created? Why is it important? If the artwork is telling a story – be sure to explain that story. (i.e. if it is a biblical work – tell the bible story it is depicting, if it is sharing greek mythology – be sure to explain the mythology, if it is a war painting – explain the war history in the artwork, etc)  (4 points) (Points based on A,B,C,D or F system – A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
Expressive Analysis: (10-15 sentences) Biographical Analysis: Include relevant biographical information that strengthens understanding of this particular artwork. Look for personal meanings, deep psychological insight, or human concern (perspective of artist) Do a Psychological Analysis of the artwork itself. Gender Studies/Feminist Analysis Is it made by a woman? Does it have a woman in the work? How is she viewed: Is she a sexual symbol? A woman of power? If so, you can do a feminist Analysis (4 points) (Points based on A,B,C,D or F system – A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
Content: (3-5 sentences) What does the work mean? What do you think your work is about based on what you see. Give visual evidence. Try to explain meaning for what you described in subject. (1 point)
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