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Answer True or False to each of the following questions:
1 – Missions’ goal is always to civilize “the savage people” and to clone them to be like Western culture, or whatever culture we are familiar with. __________
2 – The study of Missiology is made up of three interdependent disciplines: theology, the social sciences, and strategy. __________
3 – The Church, not God, is the One who initiates and sustains mission. __________
4 – The incarnation of Jesus Christ means that Jesus was God in human flesh dwelling among us. __________
5 – A citizen of the United States can serve out their missionary calling only in a foreign land outside of North America. __________
6 – Missions crosses cultural barriers to provide access to the gospel. __________
7 – Syncretism in missions is defined as the combination of different forms of religion or practice. ________
8 – A cross cultural missionary should have a goal to train native, indigenous leaders to take over the work of a new church or new ministry . __________
9 – In this class the professor taught that Jesus Christ as the only way to God, meaning that every person in the world will eventually be saved from their sins,  because  God loves everybody and would not allow anyone to go to hell. __________
10 – God chose Israel in the Old Testament because Israel was better than other nations (Deuteronomy 7:6-7). __________
11 – In Acts 1:8 missions begins at home and spreads to the ends of the earth. __________
12 – Samaritans in Jesus’ time were considered unclean and outcasts to the Jews, but Jesus accepted them as equal with every other person before God (see John 4). __________
13 – Jesus was more than a missionary, He was the message of the Gospel. __________
14 – William Carey is known as the “father of modern missions.” __________
15 – The Southern Baptist Convention’s Christmas offering for home missions is named after Lottie Moon. __________
16 – The context of competing and contrasting religions is called pluralism. ______
17 – The kingdom of God, meaning God’s sovereignty/rule over all creation, was Jesus’ first priority, His central message. __________
18 – Learning the native language of the country in which a missionary serves is not important in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. __________
19 – Sin came into the world through the Fall of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis. __________
20 – Ethnolinguistic People Groups categorizes the peoples of the world by the common factor of their ethnicity and language rather than grouping them only by geographic or political boundaries. . ____________
21 – A church in “seed” form, a brand new congregation that is starting from scratch, is called a church plant. __________
22 – The 10/40 Window contains the core of Christian people of the world..__________
23 – God’s principle instrument in missions is the Church. __________
24 – Worldview affects all we do, how we interpret the Bible, our actions, our relationships. __________
25 – Culture is a way of thinking, feeling, the entire human-made environment in which human beings live.__________


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