Sociology Essay

Dear Sociology 1 Students,
Your final paper (which is worth 250 points/25% of your grade) will be due by 5pm, Friday, March 13.
For the final paper, I want you to write 100-150 words that expresses the most impactful lesson you learned during each week of this Sociology 1 course. That means you will produce ten distinct entries of 100-150 words each, and each entry will convey just one distinct/specific lesson you learned during that week. As stated in the syllabus, here are the ten distinct units of this Sociology 1 course:
Week 1: Sociology and Common Sense
Week 2: Norms, Sanctions
Week 3: Classical Theorists and Their Ideas (Part I)
Week 4: Classical Theorists and Their Ideas (Part II)
Week 5: Basic Debate: Choice and Constraint
Week 6: Social Class
Week 7: Race Matters
Week 8: Doing Gender
Week 9: Identity and Intersectionality 
Week 10: The Sociological Imagination

In summary, you will produce a final paper that is 1000-1500 words, and this paper will highlight ten of the most important lessons you learned in Sociology 1.
Throughout, as you draft this final paper, you should primarily draw upon lecture content, readings, in-class exercises, and your own notes. Writing an introduction and conclusion is strongly encouraged.
You will be primarily graded on (1) the clarity with which you articulate your ideas and (2) demonstration of Sociological Growth/Development.


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