Sociology homework help

What am I looking for in this essay? Let me briefly list the key points:

  1. Evidence that you have carefully read, taken notes on, and thought about the assigned reading for the module: deeply embedded in your essay is an “annotated outline” of the content you wish to cover. That outline should be somewhat visible to the reader. Typically, your essay should have 3-4 key points that you elaborate upon in full, robust paragraphs. Make sure that you provide ample quotes and references from the assigned reading itself (cf. point 2 below). Think of this essay as a “proof” that you have actually read and studied the specific assignment and NOT COPIED AND PASTED FROM OTHER INTERNET RESOURCES. Copying online sources is the “kiss of death” in this class. DON’T USE OTHER SOURCES IN THE COMPOSITION OF YOUR READING ESSAY–STAY FOCUSED ON THE ASSIGNED READING ONLY.
  2. Elaboration of the key ideas that you wish to cover in the essay: This elaboration is supplemental to the main ideas. It “puts meat on the bare bones” of the essay. How can you supplement your main ideas? You should quote from the assigned reading itself (include the page number(s) from the assigned reading when appropriate).
  3. I am looking for a discussion that is approximately 3-4 pages single-spaced, space between paragraphs, in length. You should write out your essay on a word processing program such as MS Word, or the like, and copy and paste it into the FORUM dialogue box.

“Modern Fundamentalism”
Assignment:  Bruce, Chs. 1, 2, 5 + either Ch. 3 or Ch. 4


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