Sociology homework help

VThroughout the semester, we will be exploring the many ways sociologists understand
religion in the U.S. You will also be exposed to many examples of theoretical concepts and
methodological approaches these scholars utilize to conduct their research. Drawing on all of
this knowledge, your task will be to design and carry out your own research project. You will
then be required to complete a 15-page (minimum) paper and deliver a 30-minute presentation
based on this research.
At various times during the semester, you will be assigned different portions of your project
(e.g., an introduction or a bibliography). Additionally, some of those individual components will
be peer-reviewed. Please note that I am happy to review drafts and/or meet to discuss any
issues related to this project.
The religious community (or communities) you select as well as your methodological
approaches must be approved by me in advance.
You must draw on at least FIVE concepts that are unique to the sociology of religion.
You must use at least TWO different qualitative methods to conduct your study.
You must draw on at least FIVE scholarly resources.
Furthermore, in addition to the substantive portions of your paper, your paper must also include
the following FIVE sections:
An introduction in which you provide a thesis statement and appropriate sign-posts.
A literature review using scholarly sources that presents and discusses the findings and merits
of previous studies in order to identify additional areas of inquiry.
A methods section that outlines your research methodology and procedures.
A conclusion that sums up the overall paper.
A bibliography


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