sociology homework help

1.As you watch the video Warren Jeffs World of Polygamy, considered whether having multiple wives should be lawful in the United States? Also, should Warren Jeffs been sentenced to die? Your response should include content from reading What is Marriage, What is Family, the video, textbook, or other resources. You can either write a response (150 words) or respond via video, you can choose. Videos would need to be uploaded to Blackboard.

2. Now that you have identified the areas of your life that need some extra attention, identify and complete an activity to create more balance in your life. For instance, choose one of the following activities to complete
– Walk or Jog (15-20 mins)
– Practice Yoga (15-20 mins)
– Pray or mediate (15-20 mins
– Breathing exercises (10 mins)
-No Technology (1-2 hours)
– Sleep (7-8 hours)
– Eat two-three services of fruits or vegetables (1 day)
– Listen to the music or the environment (10 mins)
* Please be sure to select an activity that is reflective of your self-care assessment. 
3. After you have completed the first  steps, write a 150-250 words discussing the areas of your life which cause you to be unbalanced; what activity you chose to complete and if it assisted with creating balance; and finally explain the importance of self-care to you and other college students.


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