Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

Mixed Methodology

Read Chapter 12 in Practical Research. Locate a scholarly journal article from the ProQuest database that employs mixed methodology in its design. Based on this journal article and two additional academic sources provide a summary of the article and explain the following in a three- to four-page discussion:

  1. What benefits do you believe have resulted from the utilization of mixed methodology rather than the utilization of solely a quantitative or a qualitative methodology for this study?
  2. Do you believe that this methodology is more or less problematic to the research process than employing one single method for this particular study? Why or why not?
  3. What type of study would you apply a mixed method design to and why? Explain your reasoning in detail.

This assignment is worth 8 points of the total course grade.
This assignment aligns with the following weekly outcomes: 2,3,4.
This assignment aligns with the following course outcomes: 1b,3.

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Grading Criteria

Content Criteria Total: 4
A summary of the article is provided that sufficiently explains the research.
Benefits of the utilization of mixed methodology are discussed in comparison to sole use of a quantitative or a qualitative methodology.
An opinion and justification are provided regarding whether mixed methodology was more or less problematic to the research process when compared to a single method.
The paper addresses what types of studies are best suited for a mixed method design, with accurate and appropriate reasoning.
The assignment is 3-4 pages in length.
Writing and Organization CriteriaTotal: 2
Writing style is clear and concise.
Tone is academic and appropriate for the content and assignment.
Thesis statement is clearly articulated.
Structure is logical, including an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Flow is maintained by effective transitions.
Rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are followed.
Adherence to APA formatting requirements is evident.
Research Criteria Total: 2
Sources are credible (preferably peer-reviewed), varied, relevant, and current (published within past five years); use of seminal work (e.g. Freud) is encouraged.
Sources inform analysis, evaluation, problem-solving and decision-making.
Includes required number of professional/scholarly sources.
Addresses ethical considerations in research when appropriate.


Required Text

Leedy, P.D. & Ormrod, J.E. (2016). Practical research: Planning and design (11th ed.). Retrieved from

  • Chapter 12: Mixed Methods Designs

Netting, F.E., O’Conner, M.K., & Fauri, D.P. (2008). Comparative approaches to program planning (1st ed.). Retrieved from

  • Chapter 5: Knowing When to Use Which Planning Approach

Required References

Creswell, J. (2010). What has given rise to the interest in mixed methods research today? Videos available in the library via Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) In this video, Creswell discusses mixed methods in more detail. He describes what is meant by the term ‘mixed methods’ and also provides a brief history of this research design.
Creswell, J. (2010). When should I choose a mixed methods approach? Videos available in the library via Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) Creswell discusses when researchers should adopt a mixed methods approach in this video. This resource is particularly useful for students considering use of a mixed methods design for their research proposal. Also helpful for all students as a method for distinguishing when a mixed methods approach is appropriate in the field.
National Public Radio. (2002). Remembering Tuskegee. Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.)
Leithead, A. (2011, August 17). Stanford prison experiment continues to shock. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

Recommended References

BBC. (n.d.). The Tuskegee Syphilis Study.  Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)   This 2013 broadcast from the BBC describes the Tuskegee Syphilis Project, a 40 year experiment conducted by the US government on a group of African-American men without their knowledge. Today, this study continues to affect African American communities’ perceptions of trust in the US medical system. This study provides an example of why protections are in place today for human research subjects.
Buys, J., & Louw, J. (2012). A process evaluation of a supervisory development programme. SA Journal of Human Resource Management 10(3), 1-13.
Directorate for Education and Human Resources. (2010). The 2010 User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation. Chapter 7. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

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Sociology homework help


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