Sociology homework help

Please include the following questions in your Personal Interview

  1. What do you see as the most positive parts of your culture?


  1. What do you consider the most negative aspects of your culture?


  1. How are young children viewed in your culture?


  1. How are the elderly viewed among your ethnic group?


  1. How does your culture deal with death and funerals?


  1. Is marriage between members of your ethnic group and outsiders generally tolerated?


  1. Describe the sense of family in your


  1. Is there a predominant religion? If so, how do beliefs affect you and your family?


  1. When there is a major life crisis in your culture, generally whom do you seek for help?


  1. What is the general feeling about seeking professional help or counseling for solving life problems in your culture?


  1. Would most people understand the role of the social worker in your culture? How would getting help from a social worker generally be perceived in your culture?


  1. What are some celebrations in your culture, or special traditions?


  1. Why did you come to America? What have your experience here been like?  What are your dreams for the future?



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