Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

Hello Daniel this is wk 1

Discussion: Identity in a Virtual World?

Can you imagine a world where you wake up in the morning, and you go to your doctor’s office without ever leaving your house? Instead, you plug your blood pressure cuff into your computer and you insert your saliva sample into an analytical drive. The analysis is sent to a virtual physician who lives a thousand miles away. He diagnoses an illness that requires surgery. Lucky for you, the surgeon drone is not terribly busy that morning, and you are able to have your gallbladder removed early in the afternoon. The drone arrives, gives you anesthesia, and by employing ultrasound technology, your doctor can operate by remote control. Without interacting with a human at any point in the process, you have an organ removed in your own home.
Photo Credit: Microsoft Corporation. (Producer). MP900401793 [photo of doctor in scrubs with stethoscope]. Retrieved February 6, 2014 from|#ai:MP900401793
For many people, the idea that a university could appear in your living room was equally hard to imagine. Yet, Walden can provide you with a world class education without physically sharing a space with fellow students and teachers. Today online learning is a more common experience, and you are bravely doing what was only a dream 20 years ago.
What wonderful uses of technology! Yet there can be a dark side to technology and the virtual world. Texting while driving isn’t the only thing that can cause an injury. Many people get news of an end to a relationship via a text message, cry about an ex’s post on Facebook, or find out about an affair by cyber sleuthing. We must learn to navigate the positive aspects of technology (1 in 3 marriage licenses in New York City were to couples who met online) while dealing with the perversion rampant online.
In this week’s Discussion you will use the Week 1 Notes and Readings to explore what it means to be human in a virtual world. Reference the resources in your post and response. You do not have to formally cite a source, but if you are relating an idea or building upon the readings, poems, or videos, please identify the source.
To prepare for the Discussion:
The “To prepare” component of the Discussion identifies the Learning Resources you will need to read or view to inform your post for the Discussion. Additionally, it may ask you to think about a specific topic, consider an alternate perspective, or recall life experiences which may inform your Discussion post.

  • Read and reflect upon the Week 1 Notes and Readings.
  • Think about interactions you have had in a virtual space such as a help line/call center, Skype, Amazon shopping cart, or your communications with Walden University.
  • Think about whether you’ve had emotional reactions to material online.
  • Review the Discussion Rubric and Sample Discussion Board Responses documents.

By Day 3

Post a paragraph response (about 200–300 words in length) to the following questions:

  • Do you behave and communicate differently online than you do face-to-face? How so? Give specific examples.
  • What does it mean to be “fully human”? In light of your definition, do you think we can be “fully human” while interacting with others in a virtual space? Why or why not?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Week 2: Our Virtual World

As adult learners, you are likely to be employed, and many of you also have families. Attending college is not a decision that you made in complete isolation. Your choice will impact many parts of your life, and as adults, reflecting on how you will reprioritize can be a painful topic. How will you make room, in an already busy life, for your new role as a student?
Learning is an emotional process if you are doing it right. Reading about the sometimes painful, often inspirational lives and thoughts of other humans will stretch your mind and your heart. When you are really learning in the Humanities, you find yourself wanting to talk about your class to other people in your life. For adults gaining an authentic education, it can sometimes stretch you in directions you do not like. Sometimes, the ideas you are exposed to in your classroom might cause you to make real time decisions in your life. Finding a space where you can learn with the fewest distractions possible is important.
You must be proactive and thoughtful in limiting distractions and managing your time. Where you work, and how you define your time can help. Keep in mind that you might be in your classroom while working, at the library, or for some of you, on a mobile device. Even if your space is just the right side of the couch with a laptop perched on the end, turn off your TV, and make sure that you are fully focused on the task at hand.
This week you will consider your personal work space, your “seat” in your Walden courses. You will consider the possible distractions in your work space and assess your time management needs. With a focus on your educational goals, you will switch into “academic mode” where writing style and academic requirements might differ from what you do at work or in other parts of your life. Walden’s Writing Center uses a variety of technology supports can provide guidance, review, and feedback as you begin your journey as a Walden student. The Week 2 Notes and Readings will provide insights into the technology’s “dark side” that you might not have considered in the past.

Learning Objectives

Students will:
  • Compare and contrast how humans manage time and space in virtual and non-virtual contexts
  • Identify how to apply time management techniques in virtual context
  • Systematically evaluate how humans use images to create virtual presence
  • Plan to acquire the supports needed for your success
  • Apply academic/professional writing skills

Learning Resources

Required Readings

Beith, M., & Bennett, J. (2007, July 30). Alternate Universe; Second Life is emerging as a powerful new medium for social interactions of all sorts, from romance to making money. It may be the internet’s next big thing. Newsweek International, 57(3), 36-3.
Week 2 Notes and Readings (HTML)
The resources and content in the weekly Notes and Readings provide a context for this week’s topics. Read the resources in the weekly Notes and Readings in the order presented.
Read the weekly Notes and Readings first before any other Required Readings, including Library resources.
Document: Academic Writing Expectations Checklist (Word document)
Assignment Rubric
Document: Artifact Analysis Worksheet (Word document)
This document will provide questions to guide your inspection and analysis of the artifact you select for the Assignment.
Discussion Rubric
Document: Reading Images and Text (PDF)
Use the information in this handout to help focus and improve your reading of both images and text.
Document: Walden Support Network Exercise (Word document)
This exercise requires you to think through the types of supports you may need and be proactive in creating a network for your success.
Review the Walden e-Guide’s information on the Walden Support Community to find information on the types of support and services available to you as a Walden student.
Walden Support Community

Time Management Tool Kit

Cook, L., & Bergren, D. (2011). Time management strategies.
This archived webinar provides tips for successful time management.
Walden University (2017). ASC Success Strategies: Time Management. Retrieved from
William, D. K. (2013, June 21). Retrieved from
Document: Time Management Tracking Table (Word document)
This table is part of the Discussion for this week and will require you to think about how you use and manage your time as a student at Walden.

Discussion: Balancing Work, Life, School, Time And Space: Being Everywhere, Everywhen And Everywho Without Losing Your Mind

Note: This week you will respond to EITHER Prompt A or Prompt B.
Often there are more than words or online imagery in your workspace—it might be children or pets or roommates or spouses. It might at times seem like you have information overload—as if you were standing in the middle of Times Square, New York, or Piccadilly Circus, London. Even the most focused and dedicated student can be easily distracted.
Often when focusing on one task, you lose track of others. That is why it is important to have a plan for stepping out of your other roles and into your new role as student. Don’t be tugged by online distractions—keep your place. Staying focused is a professional competency.
You all have multiple roles in life, and maybe “student” is a new role for you. Being engaged in the work requires you to plan, prioritize and create a space where learning takes place; to combat a feeling of selfishness that you might feel.
For this Discussion you will consider how to address distractions you might encounter as a student at Walden.
To prepare for the Discussion:

  • Read the Week 2 Notes and Readings, which address life’s distractions.
  • Review the article by William, D. K. (n.d.). 10 proven time management skills you should learn today located in this week’s Resources.
  • Explore the resources under the Time Management Tool Kit. Make sure to complete the Time Management Tracking Table and at least one additional resource.
  • Review the Walden Support Community resources and complete the Walden Support Networks Exercise.
  • Review the Discussion Rubric.
For information about how you are being graded at Walden, refer to the Course Grading Scales in the Walden Catalog.
Walden Catalog

By Day 3

Post a response at least 200–300 words to one of the following prompts: EITHER Prompt A or Prompt B. Use the writing resources, writing samples, and the Discussion Rubric to develop your post.

Prompt A

What distractions in your life pull your focus away from your new student responsibilities?  What concerns do you have about managing these distractions? After completing the Support Network Exercise, what did you learn about your support network?
Develop and share your plan to either obtain the support you need or to grow your current support network to help alleviate some of your distractions. In addition, explore the Walden Support Community and share something you learned to help yourself transition to the role of Walden student.
Read two or more of your classmates’ postings for the Discussion question.

By Day 5

Respond with empathy and specific suggestions to two or more of your classmates by helping them identify and acquire supports for this important step in his or her life.
Return to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial posting. Note what you have learned and or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments your classmates made.
Remember to return to the classroom in a few days, to check the Grade Center for Instructor comments and your grade.

Prompt B

Think about your plan to succeed during the first week of your next class.  How will you manage your time and maintain your focus? Complete the Time Management Tracking Table and review the resources in the Time Management Tool Kit.  Choose a few of the time management skills from the “10 proven time management skills you should learn today” article that you would like to implement in your life.
Develop and share your plan to manage your time and maintain your focus in future classes as you transition to the role of Walden student.  Make sure to include specifics from the Tool Kit and the skills article.
Read two or more of your classmates’ postings for the Discussion question.

By Day 5

Respond with suggestions to two or more of your classmates by helping them operationalize their rituals.
Return to this Discussion in a few days to read the responses to your initial posting. Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments your classmates made.
Remember to return to the classroom in a few days, to check the Grade Center for Instructor comments and your grade.

Sociology homework help


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