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As we have seen this semester, Sociology of Education aims to uncover the many ways in which our educational systems are intertwined with other societal structures – be it politics, economics, or culture. Such an approach allows us to zero in on issues central to Sociology as a discipline – power, inequality, norms, social change, but education is particularly unique as a subfield, because you all, by virtue of being in school, are deeply enmeshed in its processes and structures RIGHT NOW. It is difficult sometimes to step back and extricate yourselves from these experiences in order to examine them critically, but it also makes this discovery process so much more relevant and personal. For this last discussion post, I would like for you to focus on this personal connection to the issues that we have covered. Please take some time to reflect on all the readings for this class, your discussions and other assignments. What were the most powerful things that you have learned? What stories, facts, or ideas affected you the most? Were there ideas that you have encountered that will affect your future educational choices? Were there facts that you have learned that leave you frustrated with the existing order of things? What new or deeper understanding of education as an institution and a process have you gained? How can that knowledge benefit you personally?


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