Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help.

Please provide a 15 to 20 page paper on the intersection of vicarious trauma, vicarious resilience, and, the counseling relationship: Lived Experiences of Peer Recovery Counselors.  Please fill on the areas not addressed. Due By Thursday 3/12 11:59 am.
Define Peer recovery counselor:
Define Trauma:
Define: Secondary Trauma:
Define Traumatic Resilience:
Discuss the possible intersection between Vicarious Trauma, Vicarious Resilience, and, the Counseling Relationship
Sample pool and recruitment
This study targeted only professional peer counselors in the United States registered by the Virginia Board of Counseling, with Certified Peer Recovery Specialist credentialing. A purposeful population will be selected, making it a case study.   Each participant must have a prior experience identified as a certified peer recovery counselor. Additionally, each participant must have a substance abuse history, and PTSD diagnosis. This also formed the inclusion and exclusion criteria, such that a professional counselor who did not fall under these categories was excluded from the population. A purposeful sampling was then used to identify the number of participants to be included in the study. The peer recovery counselors have had served in the field for a time ranging between 5 and 20 years. Eight participants were selected 4 males and 4 females.
Describe this study from a Phenomenological Perspective:
Describe possible variables

​ The qualitative study employed the following methods to collect the desired data as prescribed by the research questions (Mihas, 2019):
Questionnaires: it involves the use of open-ended surveys that are created to produce data as well as facilitate qualitative analysis. The questions are based on the topical questions to provide information to evaluate the variables. The responses expected from the participants are not limited but reliant on their experience and ability to express their thoughts and opinions.
​Interviews: there is a need to run in-depth interviews through face to face conversations with the professionals according to a formal guide or reliant on the flow. The discussion is informed by structured questions centered on the objective of the study. The interviewer asks predetermined topics however the conversation can evolve depending on the responses.

Data Analysis
​ The data obtained from the participants are presented in tables and graphs to depict the degree of influence as hypothesized for this study. The data is analyzed utilizing content analysis which involves interpretations of the words, documentations, and symbols to assess social constructs of life. The analysis is based on the understanding of the context in which the communication is done and the defining style to make reliable conclusions on the implied meaning (Skovholt & Trotter-Mathison, 2016).
​ The other important tool of analysis used is the spreadsheets. They can help in analyzing the presented data graphically, to demonstrate the impacts and changes, as expressed by the participants. The simulations and representations generated exhibit the patterns that describe the themes of the proposed topic based on the views expressed, noted and the respondents (Scott, 2018). The data trends are then identified, and the connections established to understand the variations and the underlying reasons according to the study variables. Finally, once the data has been analyzed, and patterns described, it is important to make the findings understandable through the rigorous interpretation of the information with concrete explanations (Mihas, 2019).

Statistics homework help


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