the most dangerous game answers grade 9

What is the solution in The Most Dangerous Game? – Zaroff accepts the challenge with a smile. This scene is the falling action of the story, tying up the loose ends from the hunt and leading to the resolution of Rainsford killing Zaroff and sleeping in his bed.

What is The Most Dangerous Game about summary? – The most dangerous game is about a man who claims to hunt animals for fun becoming the hunted. Sanger Rainsford is hunted by General Zaroff on Ship Trap Island for sport, and he eventually becomes the prey he has hunted.

What grade level is The Most Dangerous Game? – I would recommend this book to 7th graders with their English teacher or a dictionary because some words are hard to read. But 8th grade and up to 12th grade is the best level of reading. The ages would be 12 years old to 18 years old.

How does Rainsford finally defeat Zaroff? – In “The Most Dangerous Game,” how does Rainsford finally defeat Zaroff? He swims back to Zaroff’s house and ambushes him there.

What is the falling action of The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell? – In “The Most Dangerous Game,” the falling action begins after Rainsford jumps off the cliff in hopes of survival. After landing, he swims back to the chateau where Zaroff resides. Rainsford hides in Zaroff’s bedroom, and upon walking in, Zaroff is shocked to see Rainsford alive.

Why does Rainsford succeed? – Why does Rainsford succeed? He’s resourceful and refuses to play by Zaroff’s rules.

What happens to Zaroff in the end? – That evening when Zaroff goes to bed, Rainsford comes from behind a curtain and confronts the general, saying, “I am still a beast at bay.” And the beast then kills the hunter and sleeps soundly in his bed. It appears that Rainsford wins the game. However, close examination of the ending leaves the question open.

Why did the trap fail? – Why did the trap fail? Being an experienced hunter, Zaroff mostly avoided the trap. Which of the following best summarizes the outcome of the second trap? It worked on one of Zaroff’s dogs, but inspired him to send the rest of the dogs.

Who are the 5 hunters in The Most Dangerous Game? – The game begins, and Dodge eventually comes across and evades the five hunters: Nixon, a British gentleman who strictly follows the rules of the hunt; Reagan, a southern cowboy; Carter, a psychologist who uses Dodge’s profile to track his next move; Kennedy, a martial arts expert; and LBJ, an older man Dodge saw …

How long should it take to read the most dangerous game? – The average reader will spend 0 hours and 46 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

What I felt was a a mental chill a sort of sudden dread? – During the same conversation, Whitney also states, ‘What I felt was a–a mental chill; a sort of sudden dread… sometimes I think sailors have an extra sense that tells them when they are in danger. Sometimes I think evil is a tangible thing–with wave lengths, just as sound and light have.

Is the most dangerous game dystopian? – In both The Hunger Games and “The Most Dangerous Game” one finds the common theme of a dystopian society. A dystopia is an imperfect society in which a group of people or a person is in control.

Does Rainsford become Zaroff? – 3B. Rainsford knows that he is being savage. Closing Sentence: Rainsford changes from the beginning of the story by being civilized, but slowly becomes savage and kills Zaroff in the end.

What did the Burmese tiger pit do to Zaroff? – This is called the Burmese Tiger Pit. Rainsford makes this in hopes Zaroff will fall into the hole and be impaled by the stakes. Unfortunately, when Zaroff returns, he brings a dog, and the dog falls prey to the trap. Without the dog, Zaroff most certainly would have perished.

How did Rainsford survive? – He trusted his instinct that Zaroff was not a good person and it turned out to be true because he kills people. When Zaroff was hunting Rainsford, Rainsford trusted his instinct with this attack and out smarted him. In the end Rainsford survived because he went with what kept him safe.


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