Wellness. Select one wellness behavior to change. It should be ‘urgent’; if you never change it, life will be less effective. Choose a behavior specifically related to your personal current health status; however, make sure it is precise. For example, if you want to improve ‘physical wellness’, choose a small detail (body fat percentage, cardiovascular health or specific body part) to improve. The plan is for a six-month period. Follow the behavior-change model explained during the first few days of the course.  The assignment is three parts: two ‘targets’ and a final copy. The total value of all parts is sixty (60) points.
Target # 1 is worth five points = a maximum one-page explanation of the problematic behavior. Why it is your choice and how does it hurt you currently?  If you do not change, how will it negatively influence your future? Identify and describe one ‘defining moment’ (specific event or circumstance) which convinced you to change no matter how difficult it will be.                                                                                  Format for Target # 1: The paper should be ONE SINGLE-SPACED PAGE.  The title is ‘Behavior Change Target # 1’.  The font will be ‘Times New Roman’ (size ten). Your name will be in the upper left-hand corner. There is no cover sheet. DUE March 6 (F)
Target # 2 is worth ten points = also maximum one typed page. The first paragraph will discuss sources you selected for research and what exactly you studied while doing that research. Analyze your problem in terms of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, location in America, and around the world. DO NOT USE ANY SOURCE BEFORE 2014.                                                                               Format for Target # 2: The paper should be ONE SINGLE-SPACED PAGE. The title is ‘Behavior Change Target # 2’. The font will be ‘Times New-Roman’ (size ten). Your name will be in the upper left-hand corner. There is no cover sheet. DUE March 20 (F)
The final copy is worth forty-five points = it will look similar to a standard term paper for any class.                                                                                                                                                        The length is minimum three full pages (double-spaced) OR two full pages (single-spaced). The title is ‘Behavior Change Project’. The font will be ‘Times New-Roman’ (size 10). Your name will be in the upper left-hand corner.  It is mandatory to staple the paper in the upper left-hand corner.  Use the following headings for each section. List each section in bold font as below. There is no cover sheet or folder. DUE April 8 (W)
Pre-contemplation: This is your target # 1 in detail. Carefully explain how the problem negatively affects your life. Include why you cannot fix the problem. What is holding you back? Identify and explain the personal defining moment causing you to tackle the problem. This should be at least two substantive paragraphs.                                                                                                                                                    Contemplation: Analyze and summarize how your life will change.  What will you sacrifice for executing the plan?  How will you adjust your schedule to create time for your plan? What are possible problems and how will you address those before starting? This should be approximately one to two substantive paragraphs.                                                                                                                   Preparation: This is the first part of target # 2. Include all research, but do not simply list random stats.  Explain what questions guided research regarding the decision about the direction of your plan.  What did you learn about the issue you want to change?  What mistaken beliefs (if any) did you have before the research? Based on research, what did you learn specifically that might work and things to avoid? Draw conclusions about how the research will guide your attitude/mindset when preparing the plan. This should be at least four to five substantive paragraphs. It might be the longest section of the paper.       Action: This is the second part of target # 2. Describe every small detail of the plan from the day you begin to the day you end.  Include backup plans if there is a problem along the way.  How will you keep track of progress? Who will assist you with motivation? How will you alter the plan if your life suddenly changes instead of quitting? This should be at least three to four substantive paragraphs.                                                                                                                                                                                 Maintenance: Describe what happens when achieving your goal.  What plan will ensure you do not backtrack and return to the bad behavior? This should be at least one (maybe two) substantive paragraph(s).                                                                                Termination: Describe in detail the type of person you will be when you have successfully accomplished the goal. This should be at least one (maybe two) substantive paragraph(s).
*Correct grammar is expected. (included spelling)                                                                                                                                                                          *Points deducted: poor formatting, poor structure, poor detail, poor research, no resource page, and not submitting targets/final copy on time.
Target one is 5 points   +   Target two is 10 points   +   Final copy is 45 points   =   Total 60 points



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