what are some good topics for an argumentative essay

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What is a good argumentative essay? – The argumentative essay requires well-researched, accurate, detailed, and current information to support the thesis statement and consider other points of view. Some factual, logical, statistical, or anecdotal evidence should support the thesis.

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What are good argumentative topics for 7th graders? – 8 More Argumentative Research Paper Topic Ideas Should all kids have curfews? Are pets really “fur babies” and should they have the same rights as children? Are school uniforms a good idea? Should gym class (physical education) be required in school for all students?

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What are argumentative examples? – Examples of Argument: President presents an argument for why Congress should approve military action, laying out reasons and evidence to support such a move. Teenage girl presents an argument to her parents regarding why she needs a cell phone that will allow her to text and use the internet.

How do you write a 7th grade argumentative essay?

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What essay should I write about? – Personal essay topics: what are they about? You may write on any subject. Popular themes include hobbies, nature, childhood, illness, travel, making a difficult choice, learning something new, friends, family, and relationships. You may use some personal challenge essay ideas and tell about overcoming an obstacle.

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