which of the following best describes jung’s beliefs on introversion and extraversion?

What is Jung’s theory concerned with? – According to Jung, the ego represents the conscious mind as it comprises the thoughts, memories, and emotions a person is aware of. The ego is largely responsible for feelings of identity and continuity. Like Freud, Jung (1921, 1933) emphasized the importance of the unconscious in relation to personality.

What did Carl Jung believe quizlet? – Carl Jung believed that people are extremely complex beings who possess a variety of opposing qualities, such as introversion and extraversion, masculinity and femininity, and rational and irrational drives.

What is the term given by Jung for personality? – The term, coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, is derived from the Latin persona, referring to the masks worn by Etruscan mimes. One of the Jungian archetypes, the persona enables an individual to interrelate with the surrounding environment by reflecting the role in life that the individual is playing.

Which of the following best describes Jung’s conception of the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious? – Which of the following best describes Jung’s conception of the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious? The conscious and the unconscious are complementary halves of the psyche in a well-adjusted adult.

What is introverted thinking Jung? – Introverted thinking is contemplative, involving an inner play of ideas. It is thinking for its own sake and is always directed inward to subjective ideas and personal convictions rather than outward to practical outcomes.

What is Carl Jungs theory psychological types? – Jung first introduced his personality theory in his book ‘Psychological Types’. He used four psychological functions: thinking and feeling (rational functions) and sensation and intuition (irrational functions). In addition, he distinguishes between two fundamental life attitudes: introversion and extraversion.

Who is Carl Jung quizlet? – Founder of analytical or Jungian psychology. He applied psycholanalytic theory to adulthood and aging. He developed archetypes and symbols of the unconscious.

How would you describe the ways in which Jung’s personality theory was influenced by his childhood experiences quizlet? – In what ways was Jung’s personality theory influenced by his childhood experiences and his dreams and fantasies. They prompted him to explore the unconscious mind (DREAMS), which lies beneath the surface of behavior. Jung’s focuses on the inner growth of the individual rather than on relationships with other people.

What did Jung emphasize in his discussion regarding personal unconscious *? – Jung strongly asserted that the most important portion of the unconscious springs not from personal experiences of the individual but from distant past human experiences – the collective unconscious. The personal unconscious was of lesser value. The ego thus represents the conscious side of a personality.

What did Carl Jung believe about the unconscious? – Jung believed that the collective unconscious is expressed through universal archetypes. Archetypes are signs, symbols, or patterns of thinking and/or behaving that are inherited from our ancestors.


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