which of the following statements best illustrates the concept of derived demand?

What is an example of derived demand? – Thus the demand for labour is a derived demand from the demand for goods and services. For example, if the demand for a good such as wheat increases, then this leads to an increase in the demand for labour, as well as demand for other factors of production such as fertilizer.

What is the definition of derived demand quizlet? – Derived Demand. The demand for a resource that arises from the demand for the good produced by the resource.

How is demand derived? – Derived demand is related solely to the demand placed on a good or service for its ability to acquire or produce another good or service. Derived demand can be spurred by what is required to complete the production of a particular good, including the capital, land, labor, and necessary raw materials.

When we say that the demand for labor is a derived demand we mean that the demand is? – We say that the demand for labor is a derived demand because: we demand the product that labor helps produce rather than labor service per se. Marginal revenue product measures the: amount by which the extra production of one more worker increases a firm’s total revenue.

Why is it called a derived demand? – The demand for each of the factors of production is often referred to as a “derived” demand to emphasize the fact that the relationship between the factor’s price and the quantity of the factor demanded by firms employing it in production is directly dependent on consumer demand for the final product(s) the factor is …

What does derived demand depend on? – Derived demand refers to the demand for specific products or services that emerge when the demand for other products and services related to them increases. In simple words, when the demand for output rises, a corresponding demand for its input or factor of production increases.

Why is the demand of resources derived? – The demand for resources is derived demand means, demand for factors of production (land, labor capital, machinery and so on) is due to there is a demand for goods and services in the market. Generally employment of resources is negatively related to its price.

Why is the demand for labor called a derived demand quizlet? – The demand for labor is described as a derived demand because: It is derived from government institutions which rely on labor markets for the purpose of raising tax revenue. It is derived by producers seeking to make profits by starting new businesses.

What is the definition of derived demand Inquizitive? – What is the definition of derived demand? demand for goods and services that are factors of production for other goods and services.

What is derived demand in industrial marketing? – The demand for industrial products and services does not survive by itself. It is derived from the ultimate demand for consumer goods and services. Therefore, industrial demand is called derived demand.

What is effective and derived demand? – Effective demand is the amount of any quantity actually sold in the markets while derived demand depends on the amount of another good or service and therein demanded due to that other factor e.g. labor is demanded when new capital machinery is acquired by a firm.

When economists refer to resource demand being a derived demand they mean that the demand for the resource? – When economists refer to resource demand being a derived demand, they mean that the demand for the resource: Depends on the demand for the goods and services produced by the resources.

Is bread a derived demand? – For instance, demand for bread leads to derived demand for wheat, because wheat must be produced for bread to be made. Economists would conclude that, “As demand for bread increases, so does its price.” The same is translated to an increase in the price of wheat used to make bread.

What is derived demand give an example of derived demand for a hotel in your city? – For Example – In tours and travels, certain spots suddenly become tourist places when shown in a movie or when they receive popularity. So the hotels and restaurants start becoming full. Now there would be derived demand. These hotels and restaurants will require services.

Is labour a derived demand? – Labour demand is defined as the amount of labour that employers seek to hire during a given time period at a particular wage rate. The demand for labour as a factor of production is a derived demand, in that labour is demanded not for its own sake but for its contribution to the production of goods and services.

Is transportation a derived demand? – The demand for transport is a derived demand, an economic term, which refers to demand for one good or service in one sector occurring as a result of demand from another. Users of transport are primarily consuming the service not because of its direct benefits, but because they wish to access other services.


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