Wk 5 Discussion 1 Submitting Your Manuscript

Wk 5 Discussion 1 Submitting Your Manuscript. Research procedures for submitting a manuscript for a specific journal. Use the APA website as a starting place.
Students need to contribute two substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts must include initial responses and replies to classmates &/or Professor.
Response 1:
Dear Class and Dr. Jennings,
In using the APA website as a starting place to navigate research procedures for submitting a manuscript for a specific journal, I was pleasantly surprised what I found. Whether I had just been focusing on textbooks for most of our courses in this program with utilizing the Code of Ethics when needed, I am not sure I have searched the site as thoroughly as I did for this discussion question.  I found easy steps to navigate through with this procedure.  Not only did I find the average words (10,000) in typical articles but specifically liked the detail right down to ‘The Journal and its Audience’ in familiarizing oneself with “the journal’s range, purpose, and intended audience before submitting” (“American Psychological Association”, 2019). According to the American Psychology Association (2019), an emphasis on historiography being certain one “explains the relationship to the existing scholarly literature on the topic” is also very important.  The APA site continued the focus on specifics spotlighting grammatical efficiency and clarity while also taking the researcher through the proper structure of the manuscript (introduction, main body, and conclusion) (“American Psychological Association”, 2019).  Further, a five-paragraph ‘ordered’ guideline on how to write a strong introduction for a submitted manuscript is given in addition to formatting guidelines (“American Psychological Association”, 2019).
This simple discussion question opened my eyes to just how detailed, easy-to-read, and thorough the apa site is.
American psychological association(2019). Retrieved from https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/hop/guidelines-contributors
Response 2:
ontribution of each manuscript is evaluated by one’s peers in the scientific community. Like other scientific journals, APA journals routinely utilize a peer review process to guide manuscript selection and publication decisions. Toward the goal of impartiality, the majority of APA journals follow an established masked review policy, in which authors’ and reviewers’ identities are concealed from each other.
The peer review process is a very important process to me, it gives one feedback from one of your peers. Also, it will help you make sure you are going in the right direction for your research. As mentioned by the APA, the peer review process is a key component to the manuscript. Reading over a peer review article is good as well, because that means someone reviewed their work as well before it was published.
Next, there at least six steps to follow one must do before submitting a manuscript. Read the abstract, Examine the full manuscript, Scan the references, Scan the tables and figures, Finish the quick read by reading a page or two from each section of the paper. These are just a few essential steps when submitting a manuscript.
American Psychological Association. (2010). Preparing manuscripts for publication in psychology journals: a guide for new authors. Retrieved from www.apa.org
Response 3:
The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Associate (6th edition) is not available online, unless I didn’t try hard enough to find it, but here’s some information I did find.
All manuscripts must be prepared according to the guidelines set forth by the aforementioned resource. Bias-free language is expected in the manuscript publications. APA formatting for the manuscript is the norm as well, which includes double-spaced information within the text. A resource available to the interested parties of manuscripts being submitted is the editorial manager that the APA offers. This system is a a peer reviewed assistance program that assists the user in producing an acceptable manuscript.
In an article produced by the APA (2010), the selection of the right journal is stated to be either specific or broad depending on the desired publication and interest.
If I’m being quite honest, I certainly never would have thought that such a program existed. The APA continues to surprise me, although now that I’m thinking of it, I should have probably thought that there was some sort of program in place to assist with that endeavor. It is reassuring to know that when needed, the editorial manager overview will assist me with the submission and preparation of an acceptable manuscript.
On a similar note, I think it’s important and extremely helpful how available and transparent the APA has made the information that we need to succeed with our work.
APA. (2010). Prepaing manuscripts for publication in psychology journals: A guide for new authors. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association
APA. (2019). Using Editorial Manager. Retrieved from https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/resources/using-editorial-manager
Response 4:
Hello Dr. Jennings and class,
After you tell your readers why you did the study in the introductory section, describe how you did it in the methods section. Think of it as a blueprint for anyone who wishes to replicate your research. This section should provide a specific and technical description of the research protocol, including details on study design, setting, recruitment procedures, sample and sampling procedures (including eligibility criteria), protection of human subjects, conceptual and operational definitions of study variables procedures for data collection and data analysis. If the research includes a treatment or an intervention, describe the intervention protocol in sufficient detail so readers can determine if the intervention was adequate to bring about the desired effect or if it can be adapted for use in their own setting. Organize the methods section under four subheadings: design, variable definitions or instrumentation, data collection procedures and data analysis procedures. Clearly state what type of research is being presented (e.g., observational prospective cohort study self -report descriptive survey, double-blind randomized controlled trial. Describing the research provides the context from which the sample was obtained or where your intervention took place.
Maher, M. (2017). Preparing a publishable research manuscript: Practical guidelines. Canadian Nurse 6(1), 225-236.

Wk 5 Discussion 1 Submitting Your Manuscript


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